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We are located in San Pedro de Atacama, a 102 kilometers from Calama. It is a land mainly indigenous groups, today dedicated to agriculture and tourism. The village is full of craft stalls, where you can buy fabrics, jewelry or herbs, as coca leaves, infusion which can save you from the highlands (the "altitude sickness").

Departing from San Pedro to the southeast, shows still: the people of Toconao, the Salar de Atacama and Chaxa, home to flamingos and other birds altiplánicas.

There are places you better go at sunset, as Valley of the Moon the Death Valley. Only then offer beautiful shadows and changing colors, ideal for photography. From San Pedro, can be reached by bike.

These sites form part of the Flamenco National Reserve what, in its almost 74 hectares, divided into seven sectors and different scenery. There are tours to visit them all.

To round off a day full of sensations, in San Pedro de Atacama I hope in Coffee and Restorant Earth All Natural, that will seduce you with excellent gastronomic.

Nightfall, wait what better sleep surrounded by stars and listening to the song of owls.